Pretty bunting


Hooray for the bank holiday weekend! I am spending mine visiting a zoo with my husband and the girls, a family BBQ and sewing!

I am making some little dresses for my girls  – I am really enjoying making them but it is taking a while… in the mean time I thought I would share some bunting I made last month.

Anyone who has looked into buying bunting will agree with me that it is pricey (for what even I consider to be basic sewing)! With my baby turning six months and moving into her own bedroom and my other daughter moving into a big girl’s bed we were doing a lot of decorating. I had my heart set on finding some pretty bunting with their names on. Cue my sewing project!

I chose three fabrics – two matching in opposing colours and a cute pink spotty one. Using a cereal box I made myself a triangle template and got cutting. Being new to sewing I wasn’t too sure how to do the lettering so I decided to use bondaweb with some pink fabric from my stash. I downloaded a free alphabet template online and gave it a go. With beginners luck it worked well (I was worried the fabric would fray but I guess the bondaweb helped).

I decided to sew two layers of fabric together for my bunting (rather than make a single layer of fabric cut with pinking shears) as I want it to stand the test of time.

After much cutting, sewing and pressing I joined my bunting together with some bias binding tape and hey presto!


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